CHINET Tailgating Ads

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Baseball/Football targeted ads highlighting the benefits of using Chinet products for tailgating.

They needed...

to communicate quality, ease of use, and 'Proudly Made in the USA' messaging relating to the use of Chinet products for tailgating parties.

we delivered...

a full page print ad featuring football/baseball themed headline accompanied by lifestyle images and appetite appeal shots of Chinet products in use.


US Air Force/Navy
Football Programs

Utilizing a football shape to communicate theme, we composed a photomontage of fan enthusiasts and tailgating food on Chinet plates with a headline to support the full product line applicability.

Cincinnati Reds Yearbook

Composed product image with stock image to visually achieve the play on words of a Chinet 'home plate'.


Cincinnati Bengals Program

Headline communicated dual message of quality tableware as well as easy clean up. Combined tailgate lifestyle shots with client provided appetite appeal shots.

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