Get Your Grill On
In-Store Giveaway

  • Custom Standee
  • Poster
  • Door Cling
  • Shelf Dangler

K has extensive experience with in-store sweepstakes and giveaways, providing an understanding of the intricacies involved in this type of promotion from regulations to designing impactful signage.

they needed...

to kick off the summer grilling season and create excitement in-store by offering military shoppers an opportunity to win a free grill at their Exchange store.

we delivered...

an impactful, custom 5 ft standee to call attention to the offer, accompanied by posters, door clings, and shelf danglers to further communicate the giveaway to shoppers.


Custom Standee

We designed this 5 ft standee to really catch shoppers attention. Product images were added to a sourced grill image which was then stylized using the Kraft Heinz Get Your Grill On promotion logo.

In-store Point of Sale

Posters and door clings were used for display purposes and shelf danglers drew attention at shelf.


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